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2004-10-13 14:08:43 (UTC)

10.13.04 A Thanks to All

I assume most of the people who read here are my
close friends and people I trust, with a couple exceptions.
So I mean, you obviously know what has been going on in the
last week or so for me. I find myself on the phone at night
with many of my friends: everyone is a darn good listener,
and everyone is really there for me. I really couln't have
asked for a better bunch of cronies.
And I, who walks around with self-proclaiming
sentences like "I'm Alix Coupet" and "I am BigAL", am sort
of ashamed to be at a moment of weakness. The BigAL
character born junior year was known for making his
decisions based completely on logic, showing no emotion
when deciding anything. In the past couple of months, those
who knew this character were surprised to see an Alix who
was in touch with his emotions, and not afraid to express
whatever he was feeling (notice how openly emotional I've
been in my diary). Anyway, it is the former of these
reputations that I took a lot of pride in, and I just
wanted to kind of apoligize for making such a seemingly
large Anti-Alixian change.
As of now, I will try to hinder myself from
consistently re-evalutating the situation in you guys'
presence, because I know how easily I myself am annoyed by
people who constantly talk about the same thing. Again, I
thank you guys, for it is rare that I use friends to even
assist me in my decision making, and everyone's advice has
been seemingly sincere. After listening to everyone tell me
what they think I should do multiple times, the time has
come for me to consider what everyone has said and make my
own decision. If I am indeed strong, if I am indeed an
Aixian Hero, then now I know the time has come for me to
undauntingly show people why I am Alix Coupet, why I am
BigAL. Thanks to all again.