The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-10-12 16:46:35 (UTC)

"Seonaid..gaelic meening of psychopath"! Lmao!

Heylo..hows it going? I'm not 2 bad at all..kinda cooold
atm bt apart from that its all good so aye! Aint really got
much 2 talk about on here..

Been workin..i loove nah maybe nt that far bt its a
good laff n i quite like it :) so lotsa shifts put
in for the october week so im going 2 b riiiiich at the end
of the month *woO woO*..which most of it will need to go on
concert tickets n fone bill bt apart from that its all
good :)! hehe

Erm..friday nite i went 2 the cinema with the gurls which
was was quite good..

Saturday..was workin then went oot at nite time n came back
2 mine with sum ppl..was a good

Sunday..tried 2 go get a dog bt tha cat n dog home was
closed so i cudnt..*gutted*

Better go get ready 2 head up2 the a prefect
interview thing on 2day..*blaaah* gotta keep up the
prefect duties tho..*hmm*! fun fun!

Leesha get better toots..xx..don't no why u were off bt get
better n hoo! :) hehe xx

Oh n the stuff on the Hoax forum is really quite funny..:p
stupid bt funny..there is now a "myserty" person on that
apparently comes from Strathven which is rather
amusing..hav a kinda idea who it cud if i kno them n
ill kno if Shev checks tha IP addy! really
give a fuck! *mwoahaha* let the bitchin continue!

- x adios x -

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