Pieces of Me
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2004-10-12 04:13:59 (UTC)

Random Acts of Living

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Not much of great
interest, of course, so I'm not going to waste anyone's
time writing about a normal succession of days.

There's not much one under circumstances such as mine can
do to get away from some kind of schedule and a fairly
normal succession of days. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

But as time goes on, I find myself practicing random acts
of living more and more frequently.

What is a random act of life, you ask?
That's a good question, oh unnamed, anonymous reader.

In my opinion (and according to my own limited personal
experiences) - which is probably relatively mild and widely
acknowldged by the masses as, for the most part, moral
and/or boring and/or not very exciting at all and/or D)all
of the above - a random act of living is something people
take part in just to take advantage of and enjoy the fact
that they're alive.

Which is something people should definitely do on a regular
basis, boring or otherwise.

It's really sort of depressing and even unsettling
sometimes, watching people who only seem to go through the
motions of being alive rather than taking part in it. It's
sort of ironic how people sometimes concentrate so hard on
living that they're distracted from actually doing it.

Ever notice that?
Nah, probably not.
But now you know. I'm good for something after all,
pointing out things that most people don't seem to notice
for one reason or another. =o)

If I accomplish nothing from these entries but to
unintentionally prove that I am by some standard completely
insane, that's okay, because I will still have accomplished
something. LoL.

Anyway, back to what I originally meant to say....

Oh yeah.
Random acts of living. Right.

I have a cool looking yet slightly painful hole in the
fleshy cartilage surrounding the external auditory meatus
on the right side of my head. AKA an ear piercing with a
cute little hoop in it.
Not exactly a major milestone in this journey we call life,
not much in the area of random acts of living, but it did
take some effort to talk myself into letting a stranger
thrust a small, sharp object through my delicate flesh just
for the sake of doing something I haven't done before.

But I did it, and I honestly think that my head looks a
little bit more interesting with a small loop of stainless
steel subtly dangling off one side of it.

I'm sure there are other things I've done too, but at this
point, my brain is starting to shut off, which is never a
good thing when I'm attempting to address the public.

So, the moral of this methodical, premeditated arrangement
of words?

Practice random acts of living.

Of course, I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything
illegal or potentially life-threatening, because things
like that obviously have the potential to inhibit life,
which would sort of defeat the purpose(DISCLAIMER of the
But you know what I mean.

Stop and smell the fertilized, free-of-insect, mass grown,
genetically altered roses once in awhile.
And maybe get a few body modifications while you're at it.