listen to my silences
2004-10-11 18:54:59 (UTC)

the weekend update

i'm having a great day so far. it started off with an
awesome weekend in which jake and i went to harvest
homecoming friday night. we ate arby's beforehand and
then we went to harvest for hours. we walked around for
awhile, then met up with nick and he walked around with
us. i love that kid. he doesn't deserve what tiff did.
but anyways as we were walking we ran into
brandon...interesting situation i might add, that i
definitely don't want to get into right now...and then
after all that happened we hung out with some of his
friends for the rest of the time we were there. then i
stayed the night at his house. it was wonderful to sleep
next to him and actually be safe and know i was safe and
not fear anything.

we only got like five hours sleep because he had to go to
work the next morning and i had homework to do and work to
go to. he went to work and then i got really sick and it
was no fun at all. i kept throwing up. bleah. so i
didn't go to work and i did only half of my homework. but
jake kept stopping by to make me feel better. aww...and
he held me and i did start feeling better. he wasn't
feeling too swift either. we think it was the arby's.
after he got done working we spent time together and then
i took a shower and felt quite a bit better. so we went
to ely and jessica's new house. it is so awesome. i've
missed hanging out with jessica. she's so sweet. we all
had a great time. they were cracking me up.

we left there and i stayed at jake's again and slept oh so
well. the next morning i woke up and i could hear!!!
it's awesome. i went to church and taught my three-year-
olds and then jake and i went to service. after that we
went out to eat and then i went to work. i bought these
new shoes because my feet were hurting me really badly at
work. the new shoes are awesome!!! my feet hardly hurt
at all. i had a good day at work and then afterwards jake
and i went to wal-mart to get some things so that he can
get his finances in order and then we went to the waffle
house because that's pretty much our place to eat.

then today i got up early to study. i had an accounting
exam and i did so good. i got done a half an hour early
and reviewed everything and then went home to eat lunch
and do my lit project that i was supposed to do over the
weekend. it took me about half an hour to type it. i
presented it and got full credit. now i'm in computers
(blah) and i already did my project. one more class to go
and then i get to see jake!

oh! at harvest we met jonathon's new girl. she's really
pretty and seems sweet. i hope so. he seems genuinely
excited about her. i am too. yay!

okay i have to get off of here and do some classwork.

final thought: he pissed his pants!