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silent wishes
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2004-10-11 04:44:20 (UTC)


i just spilled my favorite bottle of purple nail polish
all over the white carpet...whoops. its that really
expensive carpet that's supposed to block the stains or
something and make it really easy to clean. once again,
somebody lied. any sort of liquid hits the floor and its
like a black hole trying to suck it up. i hate it that i
spilled it, since it was my favorite and all...but i have
to admit it made a really cool looking design.

i love this thing. i forgot how much fun it is writting
in it. maybe i'll go poke something with a stick so that
i'll have something to write about.

next week's gonna be...interesting. we have band practice
til 6 monday, tuesday, and thursday, all of which we're
required to wear our black band shoes at. hehe, yea that's
gonna look so sexy standing out there in marching shoes,
shorts and tank tops...hehehehehe. i may just wear my
day-glo hightlighter yellow/green shorts tomorrow just for
the sake of looking weird. its fun. oh and the general
consensus in my math class now is that i am a very weird
person. funny, i didnt know that i did anything other than
tell the teacher the answer to the problem. oh well, if
thats how they amuse themselves, then far be it from me to
take away their fun. i want a cookie monster t-shirt. but
all the ones they have are for kids about 2 and while i can
still wear my cousin's tee-ball jersy from when he was 4, i
dont think i can fit into any of the ones they've
got. ::sniffs:: i could make one. yes...go buy a cheap
t-shirt and print out a picture of cookie monster off
Google. did you know that walmart is completely sold out of
wal-mart brand 2% milk and any sort of child's solid color
t-shirt as of thursday evening? that was sad...but i did
see this huge stack of crates, all containing my beloved 2%
milk in the back of the refrigeration room. to get to it
all i would've had to do would be crawl up the shelf and
hop down into the room, but sadly i'm fairly sure i'd have
gotten arrested for trespassing or something along those

we had 3 bomb threats last week at school. it was so
stupid it wasnt even funny. they did it in about the lamest
way possible...they wrote it on a bathroom stall. they
could've atleast called it it from the county jail or
something. but no, they had to write it on a bathroom stall
and now, because of that, we arent allowed to go to the
bathroom except for lunch and between class changes and
they have people standing guard outside them

speaking of stupid people, this brings me to my next
rambling. the other week when i was changing into my band
uniform i looked over at the door of the bathroom stall and
saw where somebody had wrote that some girl was a big, fat
whore. this in itself was incredibly dumb, seeing as how
the girl is about as big around as your pinky finger and
very very pretty and not the least bit whore-ish. but to
make matters even funnier, someone else had to come along
and chastise the other by writing under it that writing on
bathroom stalls was lame, yet instead of bothering to learn
2nd grade grammar they go and say "people that write on
bathroom STILES are lame". realy now? and tell me where
exactly this line is that divides you from the rest. sorry
i'm done now, i wont torture you with anymore of my
adventures to the school bathrooms.

hey look at that, its almost 1 am. 1st time in a long
time that i've stayed up this late. i miss it. i shall do
it more often i belive. anyway, goodnight

forever 17