Best Left Unspoken
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2004-10-10 21:38:39 (UTC)

Deadly Descisions Chapter Six

After that night Riley seemed to have disappeared
completely. He didn't show up to school for four days. He
come to my house. He didn't even call me.
"Kyle, I want you to be honest with me," I said to him
just after school was being let out for the day.
"I'd never lie to you," Kyle said taking my hands and
caressing them. "You're so cold. Are you sick?"
"No I'm fine," I lied to him. "Do you know anything
about Chandra's murder?" I asked then almost held my
breath waiting for his reply.
"I almost expected you to say something about it
sooner. Has Riley's charm and seduction led you to believe
that I'd put my own free life on the line for her? If so
than I assure you that I know nothing of her murder more
than you know," Kyle's grip lessened on my hand.
"I believe you. I really do. I'm just so confused," I
started to cry.
"It's okay," Kyle said simply as he pulled me into a
hug to allow me to cry on his shoulder.
Later that night Kyle was sitting on my bed in my room
by a stack of his own CD's. He had brought them over for
me to listen to because I had never heard of them before.
"This is a truly beautiful song," Kyle said as a quiet
and slow song started to play. I closed my eyes to get the
entire effect of the music. When I opened them Kyle was
standing in front of me rather than sitting on my
bed. "Would you like to dance?" Kyle asked holding out his
"I'd love to," I answered and was immediately swept
into his arms and slowly moved by the music.
"You're so beautiful," Kyle said staring down at me.
"No one's ever said anything so wonderful to me
before," I said looking away from his intense stare.
"Than no one's ever been completely honest with you
either," Kyle said leaning towards my face. The intensity
of the moment almost completely swept me away. My parents
weren't home and Kyle was about to kiss me.
"Stop everything!" My door was opened with such force
that it slammed on the wall and almost closed again. Riley
was standing just inside my room. His eye lids were pink
and heavy and I knew that he had been drinking.
I pulled away from Kyle and just looked at Riley as he
tried to stand still while being so heavily under the
"She doesn't love you," Riley slurred his words and
pointed at Kyle with a shaking finger. "She loves me. She
kissed me!" He declared.
Kyle turned towards me to see my expression from
hearing Riley's declaration. "Is that true?" Riley
asked. "Did you kiss him?"
"He kissed me!" I yelled out of defense.
"But you didn't pull away," Riley said.
Kyle looked at me than walked towards Riley. "Get out.
You're despictable,"
The night was truly insane.

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