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2004-10-10 05:52:04 (UTC)

10.10.04 Good for the Cause


so all in a all i guess it was a good day for the cause,
the cause of me feeling better and stuff. for those of you
who weren't aware, over the course of the last hundred or
so hours, I slept maybe 2 hours and ate 3 oz of yogurt and
a few squares of tracey torres' hersey bar.
it's been stressful, man. I've had a lot to think about,
mainly college and recent social life developments, to be
worded as nicely as possible. haha. So today was saturday
and last night I had went to bed around 4 or 4:30 and woke
up at 6 or 6:30...yes, not more than 2 hours of sleep. but
anyway I get up and im gonna play an intramural league
football game with Dan the Man (DtM) and the team we
recently formulated. I was excited. Well, not really. I
came to the game pissed about the breakup and some other
things, but football and anger are two things that mix
extremely well. No one can catch a top speed angry black
kid, as my opponents found out when i took a kickoff to the
house, among other things, and just played a darn good
game. It felt good: even though we lost, we didn't argue:
we all stuck together for the cause.
then something crazy happened haha. Mind you, I left the
soccer team to play with DtM and Marcus and other
fellas...well, I didnt think we were gonna play again as a
team, because the other teams had showed up, and also Dan
needed to go get a haircut. So when my old team (soccer
team) shows up, I decide I'll play a game with them..I love
football. But as it turns out, my new team DID end up
playing, and they felt that I had betrayed them in a sense,
as I recall DtM saying "if i woulda known his (expletive)
was gonna do that, i wouldnt have put him on the team..."
in reference to me, of course. I dont know how i "betrayed"
anyone: i didnt know they were gonna play again!
and then of course to make things worse, I play a
HORRIBLE second game with the soccer team, even though we
won. No i mean I played's so funny: they
must think I'm so bad at football when actually I'm so
good...I just need the ball to show them...Pass me the dang
ball in the open field! haha its just messed up cause I
went from best player on one team to like worst playing
player on another team. PASS ME THE DANG BALL!
so needless to say, that ended on a sour note for me.
Then I had quite the conversation with good friend
Stephanie LaFlora about my opinion of the roles of the
different races in our society: that's my pal, man, Steph
is so cool.
And THEN Ash B calls and I eventually end up spending
the night with her and other comerades. It was fun, lots of
jokes, this interesting MAFIA game, flowing battles, the
infamous question was all great. A shoutout here
goes to liz for takin me home, and Matt Johnson for bein a
cool host, and Ash B for callin. Fun night overall.
So right now I'm good, or, at the very least, not bad.

With that, my day concluded itself. Good day for a guy who
is recovering, to say the least. It feels better.