forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-10-10 04:49:20 (UTC)

so...its been awhile

whoops. oh well, hmm...about the only thing of importance
that's happened is...hmm. oh. some big huge black guy
grabed my butt while i was walking to band. scared me the
heck outta me and there was about 12 of them all standing
together so i couldnt tell which one it was...::shudders::
oh and we went to walmart the other day and i was stalked
by 5 mexicans the whole time after another big, i mean big,
black guy, cornered me and tried to get me to go out with
him. ugh...

anyway. tallapoosa's saturday...i hope we kick we ass and
take names. i think we will.

and according to jake he "knows something about me. but
its a good thing." tell me...i wanna know.

that was fun. i miss this thing. i should post more often.

forever 17