taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2004-10-10 02:49:16 (UTC)

Hi. Yah.. hi. That'll do.

I'm enrolled in a university program entitled "Mass
Communication" and employed in a job in which I am
required to call and talk to real people for six hours
straight, yet when it comes down to chit chatting, small
talking, fully engaging in one of those exchanges of words
with other people in a relaxed (or unrelaxed) setting, I
got nothin'. At least nothing in the appropriate time
frame. Case n' point, the other day in the lunch room at
(fade out)

(fade in, with the sound of a vending machine returning

So I'm sitting with Lance and Shawna, two really rad
indivduals, who, in theory, given the similar intrests I
have with them (although Shawna did say she was enjoying
the non-singles of the Coldplay CD lent to her by a
friend, so similar interests? Lets asterix that.) should
be friends with.

So, we're talking. Well, they are. And man, it is like
they were given scrpits ahead of time because I mean, they
are like talking about all these things, like old semi-pop
culture cartoons that I've never heard of and whatnot and
it's crazy. *side note, they are so going to "hook up" one
of these days. But this is all besides the point.

So, I'm sitting there, having used up all the "Hey, hows
it goings" I can muster, I'm thinking of what I can say
exactly. Cuz when I'm with my mainstream friends, I can
throw in my anti-capitalist remarks once in a while and
I'm good to go, but here.. that would probably stir up
unimpressed glances... But there's the problem. I'm the
fucking one-liner guy. I suck with expressing sincerity,
or any other conveyable communication tatic verbally that
insn't somehow connected to humor.

"I've been meaning to ask you this since the first day,
you like ska eh?" Lance asks. "Yah, I do. Ska is awesome."
I respond. The breif silence then gobbled up and my chance
to shine, eternally tarnished. "Yah I do. Ska is amesome."
Why do I gotta rule so much? At that point I realized how
important beer was too me. Talk first, think later. That's
the only way my participation in a conversation won't end
with a detailed account of the weather forecast.

So., uh, yah. I got nothing.

I know, I know. Lame ending.

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