2004-10-10 00:13:40 (UTC)

Two Little Trips and A Quiet Evening At Home

John and I went to Corvallis and Albany today. We went to
the Folk Club where I found a small plastic bag of various
earrings and a silver cross with turquoise for two dollars.
Then we went to the Farmer's Market near the river. We saw
various dogs, many cute little kids and babies, beautiful
dahlias and a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables
including peppers, corn, apples, and mushrooms.

We went to the library to return books and pick up some
more, did the recyling and then went on to Corvallis, taking
the road by the river, and went to Costco and filled the van
with gas . Then it was home for a lunch of homemade
minestrone soup and bread.

John made a fire in the fireplace and we spent our evening
reading and eating popcorn.