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2004-10-09 23:01:13 (UTC)

New Diary

Hey whats up, this is Caitlyn. i'm 18 years old, i work at
a place called Lakeshore Gymnastics as a dance instructor
and I have an awesome bf named Sean who i love more than
anything in the world. We've been together for 11 months
now and i've never been happier. But anyways, I don't know
how often i'm gonna be writing in this thing but i'll try
as much as i can. So anyways, today has been kinda dull so
far. Work sucked and i've been so tired. But My highlight
of the day was, i got to see Sean after work for a little
bit. I fell asleep on his couch while me him and joey were
watching some JFK movie thing. I was so tired after work.
The damn little 2 and 3 year olds i was teaching today were
out of control! Not even the other teachers could get them
to settle down. It was insane. And it made me so incredibly
tired. I felt bad cuz i never really get to see Sean that
much and all i did was sleep. I couldn't help it though so
hopefully he understands. Well anyways, i'm gonna go take a
nap cuz i'm exhausted so later!

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