My Aphrodisiac
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2004-10-08 18:12:52 (UTC)

I wanna go home...

Niggaz is utterly annoyed today. Don't ask why. Perhaps
it's because I woke up to the fuccin' fire alarm going off
at 7:55 this mothafuccin' morning. So, that would conclude
me waking up on the "wrong side" of the bed. Ain't that
about a brizzle? what about the fact that I doubt
the roomie will be going to NY. So, that means that me and
my boo are gonna have to get a hotel. Which then means
that I'll have to spend money...that I don't have. And I
know he gotta help his momz w/ the bills this check. Damn.
Shyt can't never go as planned. I hate this shyt. I swear
I wish I was at home. I would not be goin' thru this at
all. My mommy and brohem are supposed to be goin' to
Oakland tonite to visit my sister's and nephew. I wish I
was there. I'm sad...I miss my fam bam, and my boo! Fucc!
Man, Nita be pissin' me off. She always gotta prove some
shyt. I hat that shyt! So, today a nigga was just
like, "Look, I got shyt to do. I'll holla!" I don't have
time to be havin' mofos talk to me like they crazy out
they mothafuccin' head. Period. Damn, I hope shyt gets
better than this. Cuz it's not the bizz. I don't have no
friends out here. Nita ass be hugged up under a different
nigga every day, Meisha at home, Sis is at home, all my
ace's are at home. I'm sad!!!!! Fucc, I bet you I wouldn't
be goin' thru this if my boo was out here. Oh well...I
guess I'll have to suck this shyt up and keep it pushin'.
I'm doin' the Breast Cancer walk tomorrow...if it doesn't
rain. But that's another story in it's own. Well, lemme
roll the hell on up outta here. Holla!