2004-10-07 17:32:18 (UTC)

Medical Stuff

ARGGGGG!! I've spent the morning making doctor and dentist
appointments, filling out patient registration forms and
health insurance forms.

I made an appointment for Hugh to see a cardiologist for his
biannual heart check-up, made dental check-up appointments
for me, John and Hugh (making sure Hugh has enough of his
antibiotic prescription to take before his appointment--he
does), called our family doctor to make certain Hugh was on
the list to receive his flu shot as he is considered
high-risk and being pleasantly surprised when the
receptionist told me that John and I were also on the list
because Hugh lives in our household. I had to change John's
appointments because I'd thought he had November 11th
(Veteran's Day) off work and he doesn't but he told me he
would just take November 8th as a personal day so he asked
me to schedule as much as I could for him for that day. I did.

Then it was the stack of papers sent to me by doctors and
our health insurance company. For some reason John's
company is switching our insurance (same coverage just a
different company) at the beginning of November even though
their contract expires at the end of January which may mean
another change again. But still, to keep our coverage I
have to fill out a lot of forms and make certain John signs
them and returns them to Human Resources. Then there was
the form I got from them in the mail yesterday; they wanted
to know if I had any other insurance coverage. I think this
means they got all the bills I ran up last month for my two
cancer scares and they're hoping I have some other insurance
that will pay it. Sorry guys, I don't. You're it.

And then there's that whole flu shot thing. I had already
begun to worry about it, thinking John and I weren't
eligible for a flu shot and not eligible for the nasal spray
either as it's limited to people 49 years of age and under.
That meant those between the ages of 50 and 64 not in a
high risk category were not on the list for a flu shot. I
certainly didn't want one if it meant someone like my Dad
and John's parents (all in their 80's) wouldn't get one but
you really have to wonder about a health system that finds
out at the very last minute that they only have half the flu
vaccines that's needed and they thought would be available.
I made split pea with ham soup and homemade bread for dinner
tomorrow night as well as a cherry pie.
I started the back of the celtic cardigan again, this time
using counters and markers, but I messed up in row 11 and
now will have to rip at least a couple of rows out and try
to find my mistake. I'm wondering if I should just put it
aside for a while and work on a quilt top instead and save
myself some aggravation.