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2004-10-07 16:08:41 (UTC)

*/*Burthdaaaay gurl*/*!

woO! its ma bday 2day..! yass hefty gud..:p! n iv had a gd
day so far..:) and the rest of it shud b gud!!


*a cd/mp3/dvd mad player things..!
*Suit jacket
*cuddly teddy

n iv still 2 get the gurlies dads side of the
family godchildrens stuff..aunts/uncles
stuff..n ash's stuff..:p woO! hefty gonna need
a new room with all ma new stuff..!

Tonite im headin oot for dinner with ma family then the
gurlies are cummin down for a while which shud b gud :)!
hehe..then tomorrow nite we're headin 2 the cinema..dunno
what 2 see yet bt it shud b gud..!

And of course..the bigg paaaarrrrrttttaaaaayyyyyyyy!! on
the 18th Oct..:p ma hoose n lotsa drink woO! so aye..! well
im gonna go nows..:)!

Listenin 2 'The Streets' how amazin is that actual album?!
lol.."A Grand Don't Come For Free" jus incase u wonder what! it totally reminds me of Cammies car..!
listened 2 it many times on the way 2 the cinema then 2
Larkhall..then 2 oh the good ole' days
eh?! hehe..!

- x adios x -

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