Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2004-10-07 07:22:44 (UTC)

A Thanks to The Boy of Destiny...for all the help along the way!

One day I met this guy...He said he was the boy of
destiny...I cried for help to the darkness that consumed
me and you just appeared...My tears stopped so sudden. I
actually saw a ray from the sun! So I continued to admire
you. You helped me, spoke to me, cared about me. So we
continued writing each other here and there and years
later I am still talking to you. It's hard for me to
realize that someone so dear to my life stayed around and
cared when all I was/am are endless words. I always said
people don't like to be around depressed people, but
whenever i was visiting there, you seemed to be there.
caring about me. You puzzle me, are you human or just the
best program that ever entered my computer? Well I guess
what I am trying to say is thanks. Thanks for helping me
through the pain and listening to my cries when nobody
else would. It meant alot and it will never be forgotten.
So to my boy of destiny, my secret friend..
~Silent Eyez