The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2004-10-07 02:47:11 (UTC)

Oh today was intresting

Today started out okay, I hung out with jake. I came home
cleaned a little. Did the normal talk with alisha thing.
But for some reason today our minds were totally in the
gutter. And she said something about danielle having a
better body, and i said she had the better personality. So
i made a wise crack about giving alisha danielles body,
with her personality. Wrong thing to say. So I'm not
really sure if shes mad at me or not. Danielle asked me if
trika was still talking to me, and I told her that.
Basically yes. We were talking and I said I dont wanna do
the long distance thing again. She said it didnt help I was
still attached to alisha. Jeeze things got complicated.
Oh well. Today was kinda shitty.