My Aphrodisiac
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2004-10-06 21:01:04 (UTC)

I feel like Toni Braxton

I can breathe again! I been studyin' my ass off for this
Soc. class... and I finally took the test. I think I did
good on it. So, that's what's up! I dunno though, we'll
see when I get that shyt. I got a C last time on my Poli.
Sci. test, but I didn't study that much. So, that's why. I
already know. And that shyt is a lil' blurry to me.
Probably cuz that class is so damn boring. I mean, can we
just discuss this election comin' up? Fa' real. Relate
that shyt to the present. But she did make these bomb ass
cookies for us. I was like damn, white lady know how to
bake! lol... anyways. So yea, about me wantin' to move to
the East Coast. Yea, I wanna go out and meet my gyrls for
drinks, go to poetry joints, smoke some bud, do a lil'
free lance writing, shop, fucc, shop...ya' know. That shyt
just seems so bachelorettish. I see myself ballin' by the
age of 25-26. Fa' real. I dunno what the hell I'm gonna do
to get there, but I know that I will get there. I see
myself being lowkey famous. I dunno... I just feel I was
born to be a well-known Diva. And I don't say that to
sound conceited. I just have these dreams in my head, and
I know that at least some of em' will come thru.
Besides, "She who dares to dream shall see those things
come to past." That's so me! Even Nita's ass tells me that
I be havin' big I don't give a fucc!
Without dreams I have nothing. Oooh, what if I was to
move to Paris or some shyt! That would be hella
different. I think I'd get tired of the accents though., fa' real doh. I think it's so cute how me and
my boo are from two totally different worlds. Like fa'
real. But he ain't no country bunkin' at all. My boo got
style, and don't sound HELLA country. He just has the
cuttest southern fried accent. Awww... my boo! lol...Yea,
the nigga tripped me. I ain't fell...yet. No sir! In due
time though. So, if and when me and him become an official
couple am I supposed to just "throw" my dreams away? I
mean, I don't get how this life thing is supposed to work.
It never ceases to amaze me. One thing after another, one
trial, tribulation, lesson learned, etc. Well, that's
life. On that note, I'll holla!!!!

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