The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-10-05 23:19:40 (UTC)

splish splash!

Heylo..hows it goin? Am alritey..kinda freezin rite nows bt
its all good coz im jus bt 2 go make a chicken n mushroom
pot noodle at 12.13..:-/ bt aye..:p lol..!

well 2day was really a top laff! Leesha n i went 2 the
swimmin n we had such a good time..:p or i did anywayz..!
with the whole "strike a pose" thing and the "ive had the
time of my life...*spins around Leesha*" was soo
good :) we def needa do it more often! lol..

2nite i went up 2 Malcolms coz his mum was nightshift so he
had to look after his little bro bt it was cool..!
lol..Sharon n Mullen n Nikki all came over..wasnt really
lookin forward 2 it wen i heard that bt it turned oot all
good..n quite a laff..! Mr Mullen seriously needs to stop
it..yes u know what im talkin bout David!!!

I got the job in Safeway so aye im startin there on Sat.:p
everyone cum down n c me..altho ill only b training bt
aye..! its all good.. bday in 1 day nows..:p oOo gettin old..i want a
puppy..i hope i get one..well i fink im gettin money 2 get
one bt yeh..hope i get shurrup nows..!

Time for bed n a wee hot water bottle coz its feckin
freeeeeeeezin and a chicken n mushroom pot noodle..magikal!

- x adios x -

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