listen to my silences
2004-10-04 18:49:22 (UTC)


i'm in a very cheery mood today. i was yesterday too. i
love it. things finally feel better. maybe because i'm
understood, i don't know. but everything with school is
working out. and my hearing stopped getting worse. and
i'm so in love with jake it's just amazing. we had dinner
with his family on saturday. everybody chipped in and
helped make stuff. i helped him make the broccoli
casserole and mashed potatoes. it was so good. he's an
awesome cook. i ate so much food. and we all had a
really good time just spending time with each other.

afterwards, his mom gave me a huge hug. aww...i love her
so much.

i've had this silly grin on my face ever since saturday.
i love it. i feel so good. so happy. yay!

and today i got a call from don about working for him.
which would be awesome because i'd have good pay and
hours. and he wouldn't make me close every night that i'm
available. it'll be great seeing him all the time too.
i'm going down there tomorrow to talk to him about it.

jake bought a new guitar on friday. it's so pretty. he
said he might let me play it, but he's going to teach me
on the other one. that's okay though because i like
acoustic guitars better and the new one is electric. he
and nick wrote a couple of songs. they sound pretty
good. they need some variety. they want my brother to
play drums. that would be awesome. jake asked me to sing
but i said no way, you can't have a deaf singer in your
band. that would be silly. he said sure we could but
then we dropped the subject because neither one of us
wants to think about me not hearing.

we went to church yesterday morning and then he came out
to the house for lunch before i went to work. it's so
nice when we eat with each other's families. mine loves
him. mom asked if he's going to eat with us every week
and i said yeah and she said good, i'm glad, i really like
him. aww...

after lunch he bought a puzzle for us to do together, even
though i'm ocd about organizing puzzle pieces he doesn't
care. he wants to do one with me. we'll see if it'll
ever be more than this one lol.

man i've had a lot of run on sentences in this one. but
that's how i talk when i'm in a good mood so i guess
that's how i type too. oh well.

happy birthday jamie!

okay class is starting so i have to go. i wish everyone a
cheery day!

final thought: blue skies...nothing but blue skies...