My Gay Misadventures
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2004-10-04 15:24:40 (UTC)

*stabs windows in the eye*

Well, needless to say Im without the internet again. ONly
this time, Windows crashed, and its been a bitch working on.
Last time i wrote...I did end up having sex with Hesse...It
wasnt like it used to be...the sparks, the chemistry,
everything was gone. it was just blah. Its hard to belive
its been almost 2 years since he and I were one. seems like
only yesterday I was writing drama about him.
In other news, I finaly started my "project" Idea to make
money quick, so far its been only 4 days, and i have nothing
to show for it... -- I dont remember if i mentioned this
customer of mine whom iv had a crush on since day one, but
to make a long story short; this freakishly hot guy whom i
refered to as "zoopa" (due to his uniform from time to time)
comes in every few days to order, and once i let it slip
that i thought he was hot to my co-workers, they stoped at
nothing to try to hook us up. Now, over the course of a
month or so, hes claimed to be str8 and everything, but
still he seems iffy. THen the other night, one of my workers
started talkin to him and somehow managed to let him give me
a ride home! holy mofuckin crap! I played it cool though,
maybe a lil too cool. I think i came off as cold. But i did
just finish writting him a letter asking to "hang out" which
im sure i'll squeeze into his pocket somehow...---------
Blah, IM just not in the typing mood.

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