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2004-10-03 23:40:04 (UTC)

Sweater Blues

I becoming frustrated with the celtic sweater. I've knit
all of it except for the part above the armholes on the
back. It's a complicated cable pattern and I really have to
concentrate on it. Even when I do concentrate I mess it up
and I rip it all out and start over. I've ripped and begun
it over four times now and it's just driving me crazy. The
weather is still warm but I know the cool weather is coming
soon and I'd really like to get this sweater finished so
that I can start on the next one.
I did a lot of cooking and baking this afternoon. It's 4:30
p.m and I'm taking a break but soon I'll have to go outside
and water my flower pots, work on laundry, make the bed and
get some clean clothes out for John. He's working at our
country place and he'll be filthy when he gets home. I went
over there about 2 p.m. with a container of soup, a piece of
buttered bread, a half dozen cookies and two containers of
iced tea along with a warm, wet soapy washcloth in a ziploc
bag and a hand towel. I picked some shasta daisies and blue
cornflowers while I was there and they're now in a vase on
my dining room table.

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