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2004-10-03 02:51:16 (UTC)

10.2.04 Is It Me?

Perhaps it is, perhaps it is just me. Perhaps I
overanalyze everything. Perhaps I am paranoid, insecure.
Perhaps I dont believe in myself.

Yet by the same token, perhaps it isn't me. What am I
talking about, you ask. Well, it seems that when I identify
a problem, nine out of ten times, it really is not a
problem. Nine out of ten times, things are really fine.
Perhaps this is why I've become the "play it by ear" guy,
the guy who does everything on impulse: because I seem to
have good fortune, and I'm accustomed to everything working
out for my better.
What am I talking about? I dont know. I guess I'll
begin to talk about my current life right now, then. Things
are weird, I'm stressed out, I got way too much to worry
about. I chose the wrong time to get involved" three high
school years of essentially nothing, followed by hours upon
endless hours of club meetings, college applications, the
hardest classes, having a girlfriend, and staying
physically and religiously in shape. It's not at all an
easy thing to juggle: it's way too much to think about. It
does by much improve my time management, though. It's nice
having less idle hours than before, less time to sleep and
more time to do semi- productive activities. It's good for
college I guess, wherever I end up. But speaking of
college, I'm gonna call this entry quits and start workin
some more on these apps and essays.