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2004-10-02 23:03:46 (UTC)


We were up late this morning which led to a late start on
our weekly trips to Albany and Corvallis but we didn't have
much to do so we were home in time for lunch.

I spent the afternoon baking a peach pie and chocolate
cupcakes. Some of each will be put aside to bring to John's
parents on Monday.

I went to the quilt show at the Junction City UMC yesterday.
I brought six quilts to show--
Liberty Eagle wall hanging
My Favorite Photo of You
Antique Stars
Four Patch
Trip Around the World

John's mother had also brought a quilt I'd made more than
twenty years ago which I'd given to her--a solid navy and
muslim schoolhouse quilt although for some reason the name
on it said "Madison House". I have no idea who decided to
name it that or why.
I have updated my list of books read in 2004 to include
those read in September. It can
be found under February 9 "2004/Books I've Read (Updated

We didn't stop at the library today as my webpage account
indicated no books I'd asked to be placed on hold had
arrived but when we got back home I saw that one had-- "The
Things They Carried/ A Work of Fiction" by Tim O'Brien.
I'm wondering now if I should read it.

I've had two insights in the past few days. One is that I
am having a great deal of trouble forgiving. I haven't
forgiven Steven for dying. I know how stupid that sounds.
He didn't want to die and I'm angry with someone who's dead.
I'm also angry at myself and the doctors for our daughter
dying, and at the politicians, especially Nixon and
Kissinger, for hurrying stand downs in order to win an
election and in the process abandoning the soldiers who were
still there. My second insight is that I am having a great
deal of trouble separating not supporting the war with not
supporting the soldiers. John helped me with that, pointing
out that contentious objectors still served as medics.
Still, logic does not always impact emotion and that's the
way it is for me with this. A part of me bristles when I
hear someone express disagreement with the Vietnam war. Part
of me wonders if they were among those who spit on the
soldiers who came home and called them babykillers. As I've
written before, Kerry's sworn testimony in front of Congress
when he returned from his four-month stint in Vietnam is
enough for me to never vote for him or support him for
anything at all. He lied. And even though he knows he
lied, he's never apologized for it and has been heard to
claim that because his motives were to end the war that it
was justified. I don't agree. He did enormous damage and has
never taken responsibility for it and I find that reprehensible.
Now that it's October I need to think about getting the
yard ready for winter. I need to decide what pots will go
into the greenhouse and put away all the others, weed and
mulch and plant mums in my pots on the front porch. I did
finally put all the fall decorations up although I never
have found the box that contains my favorites and have no
idea what's happened to it.

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