listen to my silences
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2004-10-02 05:35:27 (UTC)

not dealing well

i'm at jake's right now. we just got back from his mom
and dad's house. i love his family. they're awesome. i
really feel like i belong around them. they're so easy
going. he says they feel the same about me too. i hope
so. speaking of belonging...

lately, i have felt so out of place. especially here.
take today for instance. i was trying to help put things
up, but everywhere i put something was wrong. there's no
room for me it feels like. not that i'm moving in or
anything, and it is his house, but it just feels like i'll
just have to work around what's already here.

will i ever have my own space?

final thought: you feel like there's so much more than
empty conversations filled with empty words...

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