The weird and wonderful things...
2004-10-02 00:00:16 (UTC)

whatever happened..? my friend?!

heylo! hows it going? I'm not 2 bad..! Jus wanna say "OMG
THE THRILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" wOo! i loove
them! i'm listenin 2 them jus u mite hav guessed
by my entry name..! anyhoo yeh..

Wel i dunno when the last time i wrote in this was bt im
guessin it was quite a while ago so aye! im kinda shattered
so i dunno if i can b arsed writing in lotsa diff things bt

Tonite Emma came over for a while n we were watchin
Garfield when i got a fonecall n it was Garf n Robbie n
Julie n Graeme..Robbie jus passed his driving test so they
were at McDonalds n decided to cum 2 ma hoose..:p kinda
crazy..Anywayz well doone 2 Robbie for passin his driving
test *claps*..I'm also likin his hair a lot :) makes him
look really smart n lovely ! aww! lol..:)

Erm..had ma interview 2day fr Primark..i think it went
ok..:) an interview for Safeway on Monday n
hopefully one for the Disney Store at sum point bt that one
aint totally finalised so ill jus needa wait n c how things
goes..Thankoo 2 Lisa fr givin me a shout-out on her diary!
N i shall try kik all their asses..:p lol hehe..

I'm gettin kinda bored of the havin no guy thing..well
sumtimes i fink i likey it..then other times im not 2
sure..ach i dunnos..:-/..i want a nice who i can..txt!
haha..:p we shall jus wait n c how things go!

Well thats enuff rambling from

- x adios x -

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