my life sux
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2004-10-01 13:00:12 (UTC)

Severity of seizures worsing and the amount has increased.

Hello Diary,
Tuesday I ended up in the E/R when I had a seizure after I
got my medical records from Dr.Weissman because I fired him.
I went into convulsions hit the sidewalk.
I messed up my face really bad and I look like someone has
given me a fat lip and black eye.
You'd think I was in afight and I lost yeah with the sidewalk.
My lip is still hurting me like crazy also.
I went saw the dentist yesterday and I hope to be
approved so I can get a lot of work done.
I have to feel out some papers and feel in what I get a
month and what Dennis gets a month.
If nothing else I'd like to get the flipper fixed.
It would nbe great to be able do that.