2004-09-30 19:45:23 (UTC)

Another one Bites the dust...

In photography, which I've been taking for 5 weeks now, I
just realized that I've been doing one thing wrong all
along. It's cost me some cash too. I hate that, wasted so
much paper, patience and time on that. Besides, I was mad
jealous not knowing what the hell is up with my prints. I
know I have an eye for photography, but this was a big
blow to the gut. Now I'm getting back.

I'm getting back in Primerica as well. Took a month off,
now I'm getting to it. I'm gonna go prospect now by
myself, and tomorrow with Dwight. It shall be dandy. But
now I'm just gonna go get some donuts, or a sandwich at
subway, cause all I ate this morning was a chocolate
bananna. Good, very.

Teresa I miss you. I got an A- on an essay I wrote about
our friendship. I'll call you as soon as I get a phone