u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-09-30 19:38:03 (UTC)

cant do it!

i cant go, what am i doing? why does it even matter
anymore? its over, i had forgotten it so why is this all
slowly coming back to me?! it isnt even going to happen
until like november sooo why am i stressin? i dont think
ill b able to b with paul wen it happens tho, if im
already thinkin bout it and havin dreams again, what am i
guna b like wen it actually HAPPENS?! ill b under so much
emotional stress, especially because my mom will b ther,
and my dad wont, but i kno he'll b devastated jsut the
same, im just guna need a little bit of ME time when it
comes around... but i still dont wanna go.

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