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My life story
2004-09-30 08:00:40 (UTC)


well, here's the story about me and Ivan. It's over now
but I just want to be able to remeber it.... for my
benefit. I met Ivan about a month ago. He works upstairs
and he always stopped by my work to "buy water", but it
was really to see me. So he called my work Friday sept.
3rd to talk to me, he wanted to know if I had a boyfriend.
I satyed kinda quiet then after a few second I told him he
and I could go out if thats what he was asking. so I gave
him my # and told him I'd talk to him later .He called as
soon as I got out of work! I told him I was going out with
Jen 'cause it was her bb-day but I'd stop by his house
when I was done. So i went over to his plae like at 11:45
and I was there until 1:30 not knowing that the whole time
Norby was looking for me. so I showed up at home and I had
to hear it from Norby. I had to deny everything and tell
him I was just driving around. Ivan and I kissed that
nite. he has a tounge ring, it was definitely nice. He's a
cool guy to talk to. So we went out for about a week,
talking everynite,making late nite creeps every other
nite. He was a really cool guy to talk to he was so easy
to talk to. We just clicked. Then he stopped calling. He
called me one day, said he needed to talk to me
about "us", then didn't call me back for 5 days. So when
we finally did talk he said he wasn't comfortable
being "sancho" and that he felt bad because he knows
Norby. So I said Okay, we both knew what we were getting
into, I only knew him a week, it wasn't the end of the
world. But he was out drinking almost everynite, and he
smokes too. Those are the worst habits a person can have.
But he also is a DJ so he mixes songs and that was really
cool to hear. and he has an incredible singing voice. He
used to sing a song to me, "Phone Sex" by Avant, I know it
might sound dirty but its really not. I was just so
shocked that he was so romantic. We never had sex, but I
really wanted to. I used to rub myself on top of him, but
I'm a busy girl right when we'd start getting into it I
had to go and do something else. I was getting pulled in
so many directions. Any way He and I are over. I deleted
him from my phone and I got a new CD, too bad he kept
Avril Lavigne, thats a really good CD. Oh well, I traded
one for the other