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2004-09-30 07:46:45 (UTC)

Realtionships suck!

Well, Norby and I broke up last week. After almost 2 yrs.
We talked 2nit... he just left. Supposably we're just
tking a break. I still really really care about him, but I
don't know if our future plans are heading in the same
direction. I do love him, but I have college, my future,
I'm only 19, how tied down should I be at 19? I plan on
going to school in Davis, thats about 10 hrs from here. I
have problems staying faithful and if you put me 10 hrs
away from my boyfriend and around completely new people I
just might mess up. I've messed up alot living in the same
town as him how am I gonna stay faithful when I know I
won't get caught