changing lanes
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2004-09-30 05:40:48 (UTC)


Everytime I start to feel bad about myself, I go back and
read this crazy ass diary!
I can't get over some of the things I was talking about!
I guess I should update everyone,
I moved to ALASKA.....
Now I have a really REALLY great job, I have a WONDERFUL
man, (he's in the Air Force) (And HE IS SO HOT)LOL
I'm happier than ever.
Ayanna is FOUR now. God, time flies.
I love her so much. She has been my motivation and my rock
since the day she was born.
I'm really sorry I haven't kept up this journal, I've been
through some very interesting things in the past few years.
I still talk to B, he's living in NY now. And Steve is
living with one of his Baby Mama's, YEAH I filed child
support on his ass. LOL
But life is coming around for me, it's been REALLY hard at
times. Looking back now, I can really see alot of my
mistakes, but I suppose thats a good thing. Now I know
what NOT to do in the future.

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