Nick's Journal
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2004-09-30 02:07:36 (UTC)

Shit almost went down because I forgot my book

I always bring a book with me when I travel. considering
that i have more than time to read on the train to and
from work (and the metro) i always have a book handy when
i'm out and about. i read just about everything but the
book i'm talking about is none other than the great:
"logic for lawyers" by aldiesert (or something like
that). it's out of print and took me for fucking ever to
find. it's one of the few books (or actually the only)
book that i really prize. i mean it's the kind of book
you break out when parties are kinda dull to spice shit
up. if i could have a dime for every time someone yelled
in a drunken stupor,
"hey nick, how bout you read us that great passage about
the fallacy found in disjunctive syllogisms?"
"oh, oh, how about that great case study involving the
enthymemes of the constitutional form? hit me with that
shit while i chug this beer!"
it's basically the book i break out to make the females
today for some odd and inexplicable reason i left my
sacred book at the newspaper store. you now those stores
where the down-trodden trudge through the narrow aisles
plastered with magazines from which the latest fluke
posing for recognition stares down at you. it's one of
those sad stores where older gentlemen and lonely single
men surreptitiously browse through the gq and maxim's to
catch a glimpse of the hot women inside, all the while
pretending not to care about what everyone picks those
mags up for. essentially not the kind of environment you
want to leave such a nice book.
i first noticed the lack of weight on me when i was on the
train, it was leaving in 5 mins. and i panicked. i bolted
through the doors and ran back into the station. i plowed
through so many people and heard so many grunts it just
all blurred together for me. i was seriously trembling
and sick to my stomach when i made it to the area where i
had left it. thankfully there it was untouched (imagine
that) lying next to that damn gq with lindsay lohan on the
cover, no wonder i left my precious there. damn you
lindsay lohan and your hot ways! damn you!