Too Much to Say
2004-09-29 21:52:23 (UTC)

god keep your hand over my mouth!!!

i can't think of anything to say to anyone that is godly or
constructive, or anything other than hurtful. i don't know
what to do. i'm silent. i'm silent because the only
things i want to say are such to cut through the heart of
everyone i know. i want them all to bleed the way i've
been bleeding. i shouldn't be like this. for once it is
not my fear of confrontation that keeps me from speaking
out. it's fear of my own hurtful words.

god take me away from this god forsaken place. or wake me
up from this nightmare. fly me to jason's arms. give me
peace in you. give me words of wisdom not of hate.

i guess since i don't have ANYTHING nice to say...i won't
say anything at all.

*interesting. i usually only write when i'm distressed. i
start writing less and less when i'm happy. i haven't
written in almost 2 months...those 2 months spent with

other people should not have this much power to fuck up
your life.