listen to my silences
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2004-09-29 18:46:30 (UTC)

i'm a ramblin' (wo)man

i played the what if game last night with jake. it had a
point to it, but i never got there. he was too tired. i
went home to do homework, but didn't do any of it. i just
went to bed. then i got up early to do it but instead
took and extra long shower. it was nice. i finished my
homework after my philosophy exam. got it all done before
accounting so that was fine. brodie didn't come to
accounting today. it was sad. he didn't get called on
though so he's lucky. i got called on, but of course i
was prepared so it was no problem. easy fifty points, may
as well do it. i just got out of literature. we got our
exams back. i thought i did really bad but it turns out i
only didn't do really well on the essay. i got full
credit on everything else and ended up with a ninety two.
hell, yeah! that made me feel a whole lot better about
this college thing. now i'm in computers. we're getting
ready to get our exams back in here too. then it's on to
excel. woo hoo. i'm so tired. i didn't sleep well at
all. oh well.

final thought: i might have slept better if you'd been
holding me. actually, i might have slept better if you'd
wanted to hold me.