DayDream Believer
2004-09-28 17:37:43 (UTC)

Tears and gentemen

I was at my dentist some months ago, I had no hole, but a
wisdomtooth that have noot been bothering me at all, that
have to go. They could not remove it, so they sendt me to
a spesialist at the university hospital.
Today was the day, I can not say I`ve been looking forward
to it, no problem with the tooth, but I know removing it
hurts like hell. This night I dreamd that Miguel wanted me
and was leaving me for his wife, and I loved it! Tommy was
sitting next by as me and Miguel was messing around!
In the card I got by mail, the dentist senter said they
had out out one hour for me.
I did not know where it was, so I called yesterday, but
they where not verry helpful. Thanks to Tommy and tyhe
buss driver I was able to find it.
I got in and waited, afther then minutes they said I was
in the wrong waiting room, so they send me to a nother
waitingroom, who sent me back so I could have x-rays. It
was not like the x-rays Im used to, it worked the same
way, but the equipment was much older and really big and
After a while, I feelt like I was trowing up and the woman
had to remove it. She feelt sorry for me and told me to
breath! (so thats what Ive forgotten to do the lest 20
years!) she tryed agen and I was fine. I had to wait, then
she came back and said one of them was not good and she
had to take another one.

Then there was more waiting in bouth waiting rooms, a
dentist student came and tok me for a room to examinate
me. She had to make a jurnal and said they should decide
if the tooth should be removed. I tryed to explain that my
dentist office allready hade taken x-rays and said that it
have to be removed and that thay could not do it.
She asked questions like if i had had problems (wich I
dont) with the tooth.
Then a doctor came in and said to the lady that he could
not help her with me (she was only a student and needed
a "real" doctors appinion)a nother lady came and said that
my dentist student was supposed to be with that doctor
during the opperation. The woman had to find me a nother
one, and she did inded. One dentist studying to be a
specialist and two dentist students. They had to look in
the jurnal and ask me the same question all over agen1 and
the students asked the other student some question, and he
asked them some question to see what they knew.
It had to go, but not today. I asked questions about the
operation cause I`ve heard a lot, and wanted to know what
was true. The woman came back, one of the students had a
phone call and had to go. Then I sat up in the cheer and
started crying!
I could not controll my self, it was totaly imbarresing!
The dentist feelt really sorry for me and sat down and
asked me question of why I was so upsent. I said I was
fine, like ten times. He said I should get a pill before
the surgery so I would feel more relaxed and got thet
arranged. I have haf teeth removed before and never needed
any pills for it.
When I was a kid I used to cry at the dentist as well, and
bit her finger so she staered bleeding, but then it hurt.
This most be the most non-hurtfull dentist appointment in
my life, all I had to do was open my mounth and they ony
put a mirror in, not one of this hurtfull things.
The other student follownd me out to the reception, made
they give me another appointment, asked if that was a good
day for me and asked if I was allright. Ive never been
somembarrised in my life. Then I went straight down to
the toilett and cryed, I just could not stop.

I`ve heard that when a woman is in labour, if a nother
person suddenlt enters the room, that might be enugh for
her to loose her contractions. Mabe the opposite happend
to me, I got contractions- emotional contractions.
I was not in pail at all, I was afraid of the suergery, I
though I was having it that day, and I did not. I have
been really stressed about the secret thing the lest days,
with a heart beat and everything and last night I
suddenlty started thinking of Samuel and realised how much
I`ve missed him.
This was why I was crying, I could not tell the dentist
students that.

I had to wait for the buss like forewer, they usally goes
all the time from that buss stop, but not today! The bus
was crowded, I had to stand. Afther a while a lady sitting
next to me got off, and the man standing next to me could
sit down. He was at the same buss stop I was on, a young
all right looking boy in the beginning of this 20`s I
guess. But he took out his hand and gave me the sign to
sit down, a lot of other was also standing and I had not
been crying since the toilett. I smiled a verry thankful
smile and sat down. I suddently feelt much better, there
are stil some gentlemen left in this world!
And thats worth a smile...

All in all I had spent one and a half hour doing the
exactly same ting my dentist at home did in ten minutes a
few monts ago. And within the ten minutes she also hand
the time to ask how my mother was, how univeristy was and
how my dog was doing. Im never changing my dentist!