My Aphrodisiac
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2004-09-28 01:17:41 (UTC)

This weekend

Yea, ATL was most definately crunk! I was suited and
booted...or rather flyy and wished I was hella high! LOL!
Nah, it's cool that I only had two damn drinks this whole
weekend. So, we lost the hoo...Uh, I thought
it was gonna be more fun than it actually was. Perhaps cuz
of who I went with. Well, Nita of course knows how to
kick it...besides the fact her ass wore heels this whole
weekend she could barely walk in. Ummm... I miss my dawgs
though. They'll be here soon and very soon. Homecoming
to be exact. Man, we gon' tear da' club up! These next
two weeks I'm finna get on da' grind. Yep! Cuz I be
dayumed if I gotta go back home next year cuz a sista
couldn't pull off a 3.2 minimum. You feel me?
oldest sister is, really. I called her ass
yesterday and she was tellin' me that I'm to pimp all
niggaz. Then, I put her on hold for literally two seconds
and she hangs up. Immediately calls back and goes, "Don't
put those who pay you on hold ever." WTF?! Ok...well, can
I have some money then? While you playin'! My
boo...ah...I'm in "luh" that's right. L-U-H. I'm fallin'
for this nigga hella hard. But I'm diggin' the whole
process of everything. Too much didn't happen too soon
with us. So, things kind of gradually happened. Ya'
know? This weekend we was gettin' it crunk! That niggaz
eyes never left me. LOL! That shyt was hillarious! I was
most definately eye candy this weekend, and he made sure
that I was just that to all these other niggaz. boo! How he makes me feel. But as you can
tell we be goin' thru it at times. I am willing to admit
that I be trippin' sometimes and need to just let things
be. Cuz what's meant to be, will be. Period. No use in
rushin' all. That's enuff talkin' though...I'll

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