My Thoughts and Feelings
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2004-09-28 00:22:09 (UTC)

After all this time

Well, after all this time I am writing again. I am now 25
and so much has changed. I went back to read my other
entries and was almost ashamed of the things I had
written. Mainly th things I said about my son and my not
wanting to be a mother. My son is now 7 and I can't
imagine life without him. I love him so much and want
another one. I did end up leaving Steve for Matt. I
moved in with Matt for a couple years and screwed things
up with him, now I am alone and it's nice. I mean sure I
guess at times I wish I had someone, but most of the time,
I like to be alone with my son. Matt and I are still best
friends and love each other, but there was just no way our
relationship could have worked. I think he's gay, but he
hasn't come out yet. We meet weekly and see movies, eat,
gossip, whatever. I quit my job after 3 years (I had
moved up the ladder pretty quick). I was just tired of
society. I needed some time to grow up. I am truly happy
now and I am at peace. My son is number one in my life
and being a mother is a great joy (we have our bad
moments, but who doesn't). I volunteer at the school and
enjoy not working at the moment. Life is good and I don't
have a man. I used to think that was the only way to be
happy, but now I know better. That's all I have to write
for now. I have to go play with my son!

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