listen to my silences
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2004-09-27 19:16:22 (UTC)

unchanging reality

nothing's really changed since my last entry. i still
haven't gone to the doctor because my insurance still
hasn't started. mom's supposed to sign something or other
that she's supposed to get today. and i can't do anything
until then. i might be getting a new job, at a hearing
aid place. how ironic. i'd be working with tiff, so that
would be awesome. i miss her so much. that's all for now.

thanks for the reply, jon. i sent you an email back.
just let me know, okay?

oh, jake thought really hard the other day about whether
he wanted to be with someone who couldn't hear. it kind
of scared me when he started talking about it. but he
decided that yeah, he wants me no matter what. so that
made me feel really good.

final thought: i am a seed that was planted in stone, left
for dead now heaven's calling me home

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