DayDream Believer
2004-09-27 12:08:34 (UTC)

Never be the same agen

I`ve done something, and for my own security I cant write
or tell anyone, and its so hard cause I really need someone
to talk to about this. Afther this, things might never be
the same agen. I have not cheated sexualle or by seeing
Chris like Im not supposed to. But I`ve done somthing I was
told not to, and I did it bacuse I feelt it was nessesary
and should have been done by someone else years ago. I dont
regret doing it, but I have this pain in my body, my heart
have been beating verry fast ever since, and people say I
dont look to good and ask if Im sure Im fine. If some one
finds out it was me who did it, I will probobly be beaten
up. Its not a criminal thing to do, butits criminal if you
dont I think. By the end of this year everything can be
diffrent, things might never be the same agen.