2004-09-27 04:40:38 (UTC)

Huggy T

it's been a minute since i've done this, so i got some
catchin up to do.

well, i graduated from cabrillo and now i'm out in va. clark
atl univ. messed up my financial aid, so i'm workin until
the spring semester. i'm going to apply to some schools in
va (norfolk, hampton) and some schools out in florida (famu,

i've been going out w/ this guy terence for 2 mnths. he's
black and korean, 22, tall...he was my first! we met on
blackplanet.com (terence_s) in january when i was still out
in vandenberg, and we talked ever since. then i finally came
out to va and he was still in boot camp for the coast guard,
so when he got home we met up. we got together july 12 and i
lost it on aug 13. i'm happy w/ my decision cuz i feel close
to him, and i knew him for a while so i got the chance to
get to know him. and he's doin somethin w/ his life, so he's
a good candidate.

i was working at jc penneys, but it was kinda far from home
so now i work at target. this one guy from afghanistan
(rameen) likes me, but i have a boyfriend. there's also this
black dude (troy) and he is hella sexy, but he seems like
the ho-ish type.

i'm missin cali so much. i might apply to some schools out
there...we'll see what happens. if i didn't have this job
then i'd probably be out there right now.

but that's basically all i've been up to.

1luv, jazz