Nick's Journal
2004-09-26 18:22:33 (UTC)


i've decided that i'm just going to spend the next couple
of journal entries describing the people i come into
contact with while i go to work and those that i see at
work. first victim one of my 5 bosses, since i already
wrote about bonnie, it will be mary.
mary is my other boss, very kind and open to all
suggestions. well truthfully i don't know any of that for
sure, the few words i've said to her have been, "hi, i'm
nick". her actions tell me a lot about here.
first of all she drinks quite a good deal, most of the
time as she speaks to me the heavy breath of alcohol rolls
out of her mouth blasting my eyes and nose with the
unwanted stench of decadence. her movements are usually
in a staccato fashion, rigid and really devoid of any
fluid motion, like her motor skills are preplanned points
along her way. in other words i'm saying she doesn't seem
the most graceful. whenever i see her "devin in a bottle"
just kicks on in my mind and she stutter-steps in that
unsteady alcoholic haze through the mires of the law
firm's corridors. i am completely baffled how someone so
destructive could achieve a position of such respect,
given that she has no characteristics that would embody
the spirit of her enterprise. she's not neat, she's not
goal-oriented, she sure as hell is team-guided, and she
doesn't give a flying shit what happens around her as long
as you never bother her and nothing can ever be traced
back to her. in essence she is an alcohlic non-entity who
just surfaces once in a while to make sure shit isn't
going wrong.
i suppose the one thing i don't like about her is her
demanding nature, actually i should say commanding. it's
so much nicer to do bonnie's bidding as she lavishes
praise, concern, and reprimandation in a just manner. not
only does she (literally) have the presence, which mary
doesn't, but she does it in a respectful way. mary on the
otherhand has that alcoholic mirth creep up and start
dancing in her eyes as she commands those below her to do
her (often irrelevant) bidding. her position of power
panders to her self-destructive, self-glorifying nature.
a spiraling stairway dizzyingly propelling herself up and
up, it's a long way down the higher you get, hope you
don't slip and fall.