u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-09-24 22:08:01 (UTC)

just a little tidbit

so many times i wonder what it'd b like it my life were
different. if i maybee hadnt moved around so much, or if i
wasnt with paul or if i took my chances with this guy or
that, if i never met jess, etc..etc... i seem to think of
that stuff now more then ever. paul is amazing, truly he
is, we can have so much fun together, and i think hes the
only person i kno who ill let c me in sweats with my hair
up and no makeup lol we're just so comfortable around
eachother. sometimes i wish we wernt, its that pre-
relationship stuff i miss, like wen ur "maybee" guna hook
up with someone and ur all shy and talkin to them on the
fone or getin to know's been 8 months since
i've dont that! a part of me almost misses it and wants to
b single again, yet...o come on...what'd i do w/o him? who
would i call at 10:30pm to pour my guts out to? who would
i have in my life that i could truly trust to b there for
me wenever i needed something? id b lost without tha kid!

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