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2004-09-24 12:07:29 (UTC)

9.24.04 Alix in Physical

Yo, it's 6:57 in the morn, and I think that I am in
the mood for a short little entry. I'm just coming in from
a nice little middle distance run (not jog), and I have
more speed than I thought, and less stamina than I thought.
That's OK tho, stamina and preserverence go hand in hand.
I'm fast. I'm VERY close to getting my 6 pack back when I
flex. I can almost taste it. I see like 4 abs and some
change in the mirror. I don't know what I am doing so
right, I talk to you here at 158 lbs and 6'0. I have
impulsive eating habits: 11 chocolate doughnuts followed by
3 days of nothing at all. I thought that eating
capriciously was supposed to make you gain weight...well,
either way, I know I am damaging my metabolism, which
hasn't seen two consecutive three-meal days since sophomore
year. Here's a chart listing of my heights and weights at
the start of each year since 8th grade:

8th Grade: 5'5 118 lbs
9th Grade: 5'6 132 lbs
10th Grade: 5'9 139 lbs
11th Grade: 6'0 159 lbs
12th Grade: 6'0 158 lbs

As you can somewhat see from the chart, I haven't gained
a pound since the end of sophomore year. Once I re-acheive
my six-pack, I kind of hope that I stay this size for a
long time. Everyone tells me I'll gain 5-15 pounds in
college. But you don't understand how APC operates if you
think that. Everytime I have a meal, I have it because I
feel compelled to eat, or because everyone else is eating.
In college, with no one to tell me to eat, my already mal-
eating habits may indeed become intensified. We'll see,
though. I'll be adding to this entry later, perhaps, with
mile times, and basketball and football abilities.