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2004-09-23 23:09:14 (UTC)

9.23.04 I Feel Like I Owe it to Someone

I write from the confines of my basement, as always. I
like it here. I'm free from every possible distraction: so
relaxed: I have David Crosby/Crosby Stills & Nash's 'Almost
Cut my Hair' song on. I love this song: it deals with the
struggles of standing up for something you believe in. And
when you really sit down and think about it, that's so
important. You gotta dabble for a while tho, but when you
find something that has a just cause, something you believe
in, go 100% on it. Feel like you owe it to someone, in
Crosby's words.
I think that it was that way with all the influential
people of the counter-culture movement in the '60s. If you
don't know, studying this movement, the people of this
movement, well, it's had a tremendous effect on my life.
already in love with some socialist concepts, and being a
generally lazy person, a minority, and someone truly
obsessed with peace, I think the movement was made to
attract people like myself. Just to think about having
somethin like that to believe in...not giving in an inch to
fear, makes me want to stand up and punch someone in the
lip. There needs to be something I feel I have to defend to
the death. with that feeling comes this pride and feeling
of acceptance that appeals to the huuman being's aesthetic
Living a, well, rather sheltered life in Suburbia,
I dont think I'll ever possess something to truly rebel
against. And it's more than jusut rebelling over something
stupid. It's something you wholeheartedly believe in, where
you KNOW you are right. You'll fight and die over it. Being
so absolutely personable and socially sound, I think that I
would be the perfect recruiter person for some type of
movement or something.
I ask you not to confuse my spirit here with
something it's not. If there were to be such a movement, it
would have to be somethin that I believe in spiritually,
mentally, and whatever other three syllable aspects of
believing in somethin that you can think of. Mainly, it's
about peace, and accepting everyone for who they are. I
wish everyone saw the world through non-corrupt eyes, that
everything was not about selfish ambition. A world of
people out mainly to help that world of people, and
secondly themselves. It seems so far away, but all we need
is Love.