Giving in
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2001-10-09 13:02:34 (UTC)


now it has come to my attention that some of my readers may
think that all i do is drink and do drugs. this is not is not all i do. it just happens to be when all
of the crazy shit that is worth mentioning happens. i am
by no means as far along that path as some of my friends.
and i am not just saying all of this as some sort of lame
defense mechinism. i do other stuff, i read, i'm almost
done this really great book by terry prachett and neil
gaiman called good omens, it is hilarious. it is written
in the spirit of douglas adams. so if you like his
writings i would definately check it out. in any event,
last night i went to scouts as usual. it was cool though,
we had some weblos from some pack visit us and they seemed
to like it. i certainly hope that they join the troop to
bolster our numbers. it is a shame i can't go on the next
camping trip. it is not this weekend, but the weekend
after and i really want to go. but i have to work at
staples and there is no way i can get off. it is inventory
weekend and i have to be there, my manager won't let me
take off at all. oh well, i talked to zach last night
about the apartment and his father is going to talk to the
tennents tonight and see when they want to move out. so
the latest i'll move in is dec. 15, but i might move in
sooner. unfortunately, one of the two people i was going
to move in with has dropped out, she says she can't afford
it and needs to save money while she is going to school.
so it is just me and jimmy right now, but we'd like to find
someone else to move in with. i was planning to go with
zach tonight and look at the place, but jimmy can't work
tonight and wants me to work for him. he's going to call
in a little and we'll work it out. but that is about it.
i can't think of anything else to put here.