My Aphrodisiac
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2004-09-23 19:02:10 (UTC)

I be trippin'...

Man, so yesterday was a very emotional day. VERY! Ummm...
my dad called. Hell no I didn't pick up. Perhaps I'll
call him back tonite. Then again maybe I won't. Hell,
his ass could've called way sooner than now. I don't have
time. But I don't wanna fucc up my karma either. So,
yea... I'll call that nigga. Next, my gyrl Tai called
me. My nigga is goin' thru some shyt. She need to get
her life together. She was strippin' and shyt, got jacked
for ALL her shyt, gambling, doin' where to
stay. But of course she didn't tell me that much. I just
don't wanna see anything bad happen to her. That's my
dawg and it hurts to see my gyrl struggling like that.
I'll pray for her. Ummm...Charles. My boo. He really
gon' have to work on some shyt. I be tryin' to work w/ a
nigga doh. He's too sweet, and I gotta have his ass. And
I know I be trippin' cuz he not here w/ me like it
initially was supposed to be. I already know... so I'll
be patient. And stop trippin' on dat nigga so we can
really make this shyt work. Lowkey, the dude I work w/ on
the News Cast I got a crush on him. I think it's his
friendly ass nature and the fact he's a flirt.
lol...Freddie B. He ain't ready...NY, this nigga scares
me. I dunno. It's in his eyes. Somethin' ain't right
about that nigga. I ain't fuccin' w/ him. No Sir! But
that's about it... no niggaz. Just my boo. Tryin' not to
be fuccin' around and shyt. I got things to do. Life,
that is the next subject. I need to get on my shyt. Fa'
real. I think I did good on my Political Science test I
took today...I better had. I wrote on almost all of the
damn topics. I think I didn't know one or two of em' max!
I need a B at least! I ain't playin' w/ that hoe! No,
but fa' real doh...I need to get focused man! Oh, I'm
goin' to da' ATL shawty!! this weekend!! I'm OVER
excited!! All da' homies is finna be there...and it's
finna be dumb niggaz!! Like my boo ain't finna be out
there...lawd knowz I'd kick that nigga, and the biyoches
ass if I was to see some shyt. And that's fa' real! CALI
ALL DAY BABY!! On that note...lemme go. Holla!

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