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2004-09-23 17:01:32 (UTC)

Wild Week

Okay, I lead a pretty boring life. I'll admit it. But it's
gotten where I like boring. I didn't get it this week.
It's been a challenging week.

Last Friday I went to the doctor for the second part of my
annual woman's physical and was told that some symptoms I
had suggested uterine cancer and I should have a biopsy
done. I told the doctor about the scare I'd had with breast
cancer just a few days before and I started to balk, unsure
whether I even wanted to have the biopsy done. The chances
are small it's cancer, he told me, and if it is it's highly
likely to be readily curable as I am very good about keeping
my annual appointments. I thought of calling John but I
knew what he'd tell me. If you don't have the biopsy today
you'll just worry about it and then when you finally get it
in six months or a year or whenever, you'll be devastated if
it was cancer after all and you find out it's not nearly as
readily curable because you waited. I had it done.

I had to wait until Tuesday to get the results. No cancer,
the doctor said. I have something called simple hyperplasia
which can be corrected by taking hormones. What a relief!
That was two cancer scares in ten days! However, he did tell
me something which made me nervous. The blood work I had
done show that I am not yet menopausal, which at my age
(almost 55) is unusual. Now I know that both my
grandmothers had babies in their mid 40's and my poor mother
literally had a nervous breakdown when she was going through
menopause because the only birth control method she could
use (because of religious reasons) was the rhythm method
which doesn't work very well when your cycles are erratic.
No one in my family has ever gotten pregnant in their 50's
and I certainly don't want to be the first so precautions
are now in order. John thought this was funny but I think
his jokes were to cover his nervousness.
John's father has been in the hospital since Tuesday. He's
losing weight and is weak and his blood pressure was low.
He's 84 years old and had knee replacement surgery about six
weeks ago. The problem is that he isn't eating and
sometimes refused to take his pills. It finally was
determined that he was having trouble swallowing because his
esophagus was narrow. He's had this before; it's related to
a long standing problem with acid reflux. It was treated
and John's mother called last night to say he's eating again
now and taking his medication. At my suggestion, John told
her that I'd be happy to cook anything high calorie that
he'd eat and all he had to do was give me a list of what
he'd like. Hopefully, he'll be home soon.
Jack emailed to tell us that his manager has told him to
expect to be promoted soon and that, with his promotion,
would come a heft raise in salary. That was wonderful news
to hear!
The Beaver Boys start school next Monday so tomorrow I'm
going to Corvallis on a textbook shopping expedition. I'm
dreading to see what that credit card receipt will look like
when we're done.
I've been doing a lot of quilting and knitting in the middle
of the night lately because I couldn't sleep. I've almost
finished knitting the celtic cardigan and hope to assemble
it soon. I'm happy with the way it's turned out. I also
found another cardigan sweater I like. There's a photo of
it here:

I was able to purchase a copy of Interweave Knits Spring
2000 on Ebay. I have the yarn already-- Nature Spun Worsted
in a soft winter blue.
When I was going through all that worrying about possibly
having cancer, I did a lot of thinking. I'm glad my
children are grown so that if something did happen to me
they'd be all right and it wouldn't be a huge burden on John
to have to find someone to take care of them. I'd go for
walks sometimes in the middle of the night and look at the
stars and wonder if I'd be here to see them next fall. I
felt so blessed receiving such comfort and support and sage
advice and wise comments from my friends, my church family
and pastor, and John. I am a very fortunate woman indeed,
in many, many ways and I'm grateful for it.

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