Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-09-22 22:04:03 (UTC)

Of Victories, Moral Victories, Defeats And Moral Defeats.

Order them as you see fit. Clues above.

a) I went to Llandudno today as a helper on a school trip
with a class of Year 5s (9 & 10). I think I did alright,
but how will it look if my group learned nothing? I mean,
really? I tried. I was pointing out all the things
highlighted that I could see, and trying to make them
think about their surroundings, but its a tricky business,
especially with two lads who keep running off to the beach
(ish. They weren't that bad, but I spent about 1/3 of the
time hauling them in from wherever they were, and they
probably missed most of the Victorian architecture and
decoration they were meant to be looking at.

b) Graham and I play pool often. He plays for a team, I
don't (I could, and nearly have on many occasions play for
his team). Every time we play, he claims to be far better
than me, and every time we play, it either ends as a draw
(as tonight, 3-3 - he pegged me back thrice) or as a
narrow victory for one or the other (I beat him 4-3 on
Sunday, I think he beat me 2-1 the time before; I don't
remember exactly. Certainly its always by 1 rack).

c) Dropped £21 out of Cluedo tonight. You do get a lot of
friends. Maybe equal to £ coins available.