The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-09-21 23:13:19 (UTC)

goddammit! tht boy's cute...:p hows it goin? am not 2 bad..thot id update this
little diary..:p with my life stuff..erm since..last

Well 2day wasnt 2 bad..! :o)..felt like taking a rager at
sum points n jus i kept ma cool n its all
good :) .. hehe..well ma mum handed in a Cv 2 Bodycare bt
they didnt get in im guessing i aint got shall keep on smiling n jus try other places..:)
its all good..!

So 2nite aint really done anything apart from chill about n
i slept for a while..OoO i put new drawers n sorted all ma
room out so it looks pretty now..n its tidy..:O..anno can u
believe it..!?

Well i done hunners of Spanish work 2nite that was a feckin ach wells..its done n its all good :)!

Watched Ny-Lon also..yeah im rly quite sad..:p i watch 2
many programmes..that n the o.c etc they are like
soo good..! anywayz..yeah it was quite good 2nite..Michaels
quite a sweet Luke - MmM..hes pretty scchheeexxii :p

Well yeah Mr Justin Hat = MmM..! :p lol its little codes
like this that ppl jus wont work out..!

Anywayz i dont really hav much else 2 say i dont fink..!

- x adios x -