taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-09-21 17:32:19 (UTC)

my passion is becoming an activist, but for now it's market research

on friday I was a whore for baskin' robins and dunkin'
doughnuts. it felt bad.

"Did you know that dunkin' doughnuts serves prepared
coffee beverages that are ready to drink?"

no? well, now you do.

after completing that excessively commercial task i wanted
to bathe. where in my contract did it say i had to push
products through the guise of objective surveys?

today i'm going to bring the communist manifesto.
hopefully one of my "superiors" sneaks a peak. Oh yes, you
better believe I'm organizing something.

to be fair, the workers are given some decent rights and
flexability. but my eyes will never close.

*yesterday's entry, entitled "Che Guevara - capitalist
icon?" was terminated before completion due to
incompetence in keyboard manufacturing and clumsiness.
stay tuned for further updates.